Kvadart logo

Architect and designer, Radomir Vuković, launched the KVADART journal in Belgrade in 1993. The project was created as an independent publication and was funded completely by personal funds. By April 2006, 27 editions on 96 pages, 23/30cm format, were printed in full color. The journal published articles solely on artists from this area. The artists are presented through a wide range of design production: graphic and industrial design, architecture, photography, comics, illustration, fashion, media issues, and examples of advertising. In addition, it included some important polemics from the field of social and artistic relations. The most important articles were summarized in English.

Special attention has been devoted to the graphic design of the journal. This excellence has led to numerous awards received by the designers, publishers and printers who carried out this project.

In ultimate recognition, the KVADART journal No.19 won the first prize for overall design at the CHIMERA competition, New Europe, Publication Design Contest in Poland in 2004.